You’re at the World Cup Finals, alongside the best of the best. And everyone wants gold. You have one attempt to climb a route that’s probably past your limit. The winning send needs a perfect performance, never putting a foot wrong. How are you feeling?

We live for this, we love this, no matter how demanding this level of climbing is. And our students do, too. We all know why we’re here. These training sessions are hard, both physically and mentally. There’s stress, there’s pressure, there’s pain. But it’s all worth it when the tears turn into cheers, in the gym and on the big stage.

Mental challenges are a huge component of competitive climbing, we’re not afraid to admit it. Everyone struggles with fear, doubt, and nervousness. So we pay extra special attention to this, helping our climbers to focus on their own performance and overcome these challenges.

Our training calendar reflects the competition calendar of the Czech Republic and other countries. Most of our competitive climbers have individual training plans drawn up by us, which determine what they need to do and when. And our work does not end when the training session ends. We regularly evaluate, adapt and adjust our climbers’ training plans based on the climber’s performance.

Our competitive climbers all train together as a group, even if they all have individual training plans. It’s all about encouragement, camaraderie. There’s nothing like one of your fellow climbers shouting you up a route, giving you the confidence to do it.

Want to take your competitive climbing to the next level? Speak to us, let’s get started. We’ll ask you a few questions first, then immediately begin preparing your training plan. Together we’ll go for gold.

Let’s go for gold!