Children have their own needs, and they’re all different. That’s why our approach to children’s training needs to be a little different. We don’t need them to climb like Ondra. We simply want them to enjoy climbing first, then we’ll take care of the basics.

We train children in three different age groups, because children of specific ages have specific needs.


We’ll teach our youngest climbers the basics in groups of four, in a fun way. They’ll do warmups, practise skills that support their physical development and learn to climb by playing fun climbing games. Plus, we’ll teach them basic climbing and securing procedures, such as partner checks and clear


They’ll learn and master basic climbing techniques and movements. They’ll know their toe-hook from their heel-hook, how to tie in, operate their own belay device safely and trust their partners. We’ll get them comfortable on top rope first. And, when the time is right for them, we’ll let them lead.


We’d like our older kids to climb independently – by themselves, safely and confidently. And we’ll give them all the encouragement they need to do so. We’ll teach them proper warmups and climbing techniques, then we’ll slowly leave it all up to them. As their responsibilities grow, so will their confidence. And we’ll do plenty of hard climbing and bouldering!



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