Are you just starting? That’s perfect! Learning new skills is a lot easier than eliminating bad habits. We’ll teach you the right way to climb, right from your very first steps. And then it’s only up from there. You’ll become more confident the more you climb, one step at a time.

You’ve been climbing for a while, but you’d like to get better? Surprisingly, small adjustments often make a big difference. So, we’ll take a look at how you climb, then make little tweaks to your technique. Soon you’ll be climbing those harder grades you never thought you could.

You’re on the wall more than you are at home? You work like crazy, but the results never come? If this is you, then you’re most climbers. The good news? This is usually down to bad habits and poor planning. So, we’ll simply teach you how to plan your training. Or we’ll just plan it for you.

Are you afraid of falling? Here’s a little secret: everyone is! There’s no need to be ashamed. Falling is uncomfortable at first, and everyone reacts differently. So we’ll take it slowly and gradually make you more comfortable so you can manage your fear. Eventually, falling will become as natural as sending.

Sport climbing is for everyone. And everyone has their own unique challenges, from absolute beginners to national champions. All you need is dedication and a desire to improve, then we’ll give everything we’ve got to get you to your goal.

The Prague climbing walls are open from 06:30 until 23:30, so we’re sure to find the perfect time for your training.

Individual training: 700 CZK/60 min.
Individual training for two people 800 CZK/60 min.

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